It’s More Than Just a Meme

Pepe the Frog started out as a lovable reaction image and character, but is now known as an image of hate.


FBI Podcast Ep. 6: MLQ West Wrapup

Ryan Smythe and Liz Barcelos celebrate the end of their self-imposed gag orders to discuss the final matchup of the season between the two top teams in the West, the Los Angeles Guardians and the San Francisco Argonauts before talking about the Salt Lake City Hive and Phoenix Sol and our expectations for Championships.

The College/Community Split Is…Not Terrible?

By Ryan Smythe The long-awaited College/Community split is upon us, and as of right now nothing has caught fire…yet. What it does do is clarify that change many assumed was coming, a split at the regional and national tournaments, is finally upon us. They key points: College and community teams can still play each other…